Nudism Photos

Busty blonde bound, slapped and nailed on the beach

She moans as hell
OK, for you guys that just don't get it, I'm going to tell you for the last time. I'm NOT BEING USED IN ANY WAY. I decide what i want written on me. My Pic guy puts my thoughts into what is written here or on me, so you can better understand me. Remember, I'm from Asia, so I don't know how to write you without him to help me. Every pic you will see of me, from now on, will have writing on me. I WANT THAT because I want to be remembered as the slut I am. You have clearly seen my face, sucking cock, not unlike others on this Site that hide their faces. I congradulate those that show their faces, as those ladies have guts.

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More from that day... Here are a few photos my husand has taken of me over the last ten years. There's something about the Caribbean islands that makes me lose all my inhibitions. Hope you have good comments, especially the women.


Misc. shots of Jenny My park pissing women are the best in the whole universe and those bunns are unforgettable. This lady tries to hide her pissing butt behind the bushes, but I still film her peeing. Her sexy butt makes it close to the ground and strong urine stream comes down like a volcano.