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The Geezer has out done himself this time. As ya’ll know my little sister, Michelle, moved down from Oklahoma to live with me in Dallas. Willy was photographing Michelle and me and I had drank the last of the Tequila. I called the Geezer to see if he had any. He said he did and that he would be right over on one condition, if Michelle would suck and fuck him. I was a little hurt that he didn’t want me but then again I’m not 18 years old like Michelle. Michelle said she would do it even though she would not get any of the Tequila since she is under the drinking age in Texas. We are wild and crazy but we don’t break the law. Everyone was happy. I got some Tequila. The Geezer got to fuck an 18 year old. Michelle isn’t bored any more like she was when she lived in Oklahoma. Willy got the pictures. This was a perfect day at the trailer park. Life is wonderful!!!

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Hope you do too! Hi boys and girls. My name is Rachael and I am the newest Red Clouds slut. At least I think I am. Been trying to get here for sometime but until now haven't been successful. Now that I am here I hope everyone likes me and will leave comments as to what you would like. Love to all, Rachael.


holding my own.... One of the things I like to do is shopping and I have a fairly good sized collection of clothes. I bought the red top and the skirt not too long ago and as I was trying them on in the living room my friend took the photos.