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It's plowin' season again! The farmers will be out cultivating their fields, all in anticipation of planting one. hehe! They say nothin' runs like a Deere, so I had to go check them out for myself. I never realized just how big they are till I stood next to one of those tires. Thanks to all you farmers, without your hard work, we'd all starve! So when do you farmers check out the naturist anyway, before the crack of dawn or after the sun sets? Hope you like some of the shots.Thanks to everyone who stopped by my last contri and left me a message. I read them all. You make me laugh, make me horny and make my day, thanks again. Stop by and say hi if you have time. Luv, Natasha xoxo

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Random pix Cleaning Up Cont ! - Due to the number of lovely complements I received from my earlier submisssion on 31st last month I wanted to put up a few more of me wearing my stockings and short skirt. Thank you all for taking the time to write in. Hope you like these shots too. Lots of love B XX


First time pics here I know these pictures are too simple compared to what you normally see here but I really loved them the way they came out. I sure hope you all like them the way I do. Worry not VWers I will post more pictures that show more. -DJ