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naomi1 blowjob on a beach

This is Lera Second part
The theme of the month stimulated us very much to go out and do some nip shooting. This was also the first time Janet wore her new headband made of jewels. You can admire it on some of the pics. The first visit was to a book shop where Janet had a look from outside. More interested, she went inside and had a closer look into some books. Meanwhile there was a nice crowd of people observing our shooting. Some more objects of desire were watches, clothes and cosmetics. The sales girl gave us excellent advice of her many products as you can see. Here just a word to those (very few) experts who always write "FAKE, FAKE" if they see real nip pics. They are really boring. Maybe they cannot believe in what we are doing? And why do they never give their email address? Cowards? To do nip photography is on the one hand great fun and very exciting, on the other hand it's a quite daring job as you always risk to get a heavy fine from the police if you get caught. I'd like to invite these stupid "FAKE" writers to go with me for nip shootings, provided they pay the fine we may possibly get. As always we are happy to get your comments. By the way, I answered all requests for artistic nudes from our little quiz. But some emails were rejected I do not know why. Maybe the filter was to tight? Anyhow, if Kate and Jerry agree we continue posting and u can see more pics as requested so much. Regards

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After a sunny playa day If you be in holland in holiday time a lot people is on the water. I want to give you a look and i show you the things you see if you on the water. This are 2 series and the end is a real creampie..... Kiss, Monique


Night out an no panties :) 40 Y/O Milf Genevieve For Vw - Hi! We were out and stopped by a friend's house to take some photos on his kitchen island. Some of the other pictures from this series are over in RC and the rest are on my site, so please stop by. Thanks!