Nudism Photos

Beach Voyeur - Naked girl at beach- 1.

Just my wife showing off
Thanks to all of you for the awesome comments you left for me on my pics from the lake!! I can't tell you how great you made me feel. So....I have some more pics from the same NJ vacation. These are from an abandoned campground in and around the cabins. It was VERY sexy playing around in a place that was once crowded with people, but a little freaky at the same time! Sorry about the face blur, but as I said in my last set, my boss would fire me in a heartbeat if it ever got back to him. I hope you all enjoy..... PS - to those who recognized - yes I did send a couple of these shots into the special "welcome" econtri contest last month! xxxoooxxx -

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My Pierced Pussy The comments from the last pics were so amaingly positive that I thought I should share some more pics of my beautiful wife. I really feel like the luckiest man alive as she is an extremely sexy woman as I am sure you will agree


These are my boobs. This is the last part of this series. But it was not fun att all to interrupt the action all the time just to klick on the selftimer. It will be much easier next time with the remote control of the brand new canon G3. Life is too fucking short. Enjoy it!