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Just a few jeans pics
Nikki was reading comments and so many of our naturist friends were making requests. Most popular was when she teased the landscaper. Well, it was time to get the yard done again. We have a huge yard and our landscaping consist of 3 men and only one of them speaks English. I have a little guilt setting up "Jorge"(not his real name). Hes a nice guy and hes married and very polite, the perfect victim for Nikki, lol! So Nikki decided to go out to the back patio and sunbathe in the nude! She pretends to fall asleep with her legs open and Jorge once again sneaks a few cell phone pics! Such a rush seeing my wife sunbathing naked in front of the landscapers and Nikki loves to tease so she gave them a subtle show as if she was not aware that they were looking! Please forgive us for using these guys like this, we cant help ourselves! LoL!

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Shirt is off!!! Great Boobs, Tight Pussy, Big Lips College Girl - This is just a girl I get together with from time to time. She let me take a few pictures recently and although she doesn't know I'm doing this I thought I would share. Enjoy.


My 25 yo Wife's First Tim Hi VW gang, thought I'd put something on for the ladies, I Titled this series milk anyone, couldn't sleep one night so decided to take these and after all, they say milk is good for your body, will take more if comments are good