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Well For the nice coments I want to think you for the rest of you and your silly remarks kiss my ass. If you dont like what a real woman looks like then dont look. Sorry that was my frist this is my second one.This is a friend I met on the Internet and we became great friends and lovers.She wanted to live out a lot of her fanties and I tryed to help her. We made a lot of tapes but I do not know how to transfer them to a CD so I can sumite them to Red Cloud. If anyone does please let me know. As in my frist one she has a shaved pussy too. She never sucked a dick or had anal sex ....but know.. lol.. she loves it ( me too lol).I hope you all enjoy her as I did. She really loves to be naked and looked at. And I love to look at her. I have a lot of her and if you like the pictures I will post again.

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Wife's ass up her skirt This is my beautiful girlfriend. She is bi-curious and looking for females in the NYC area. We will respond to all serious contacts. Also have a ton more pics of her, if you guys like you have to give good comments to get more pics.


No story, just some pics Hi Kate. This is my first contribution (I hope that this is the first one of a long series). I introduce you my better Italian friend, that has decided to change kind after varied normal photos. I hope that many will appreciate them. PDPMEMA.....and sorry for my bad english :-)))