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my scottish tiny skirt
Hello fans of Georgia Girl. Thank you very much for the wonderful comments that were left on her last post. Thank you, too, for the not so wonderful comments from her non-fans. We are happy to know that, in some small way, we helped make your life a little brighter by providing you with someone to tear down. Now, as the title stipulates; this is my Georgia Girl and she is hotter than Georgia asphalt in the middle of August. She has really gotten into this voy-zone/voy-zone picture taking and has a couple more series in mind for future posting. We would certainly appreciate you leaving comments for her in the comments section as it really turns her on to read them; and, if you are so inclined, please vote for Georgia Girl too. We realize that, at her age, she will probably never win a contest; but it would certainly be wonderful if she could at least place in the top 100 or so. Now, lets see what Georgia Girl has in store for you viewers, contributors and nudist/nudiststaff today. Enjoy.

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Wife Ii - non I have been tring to get my wife to do something like this for awhile now, and now allof a sudden she's come right out and doesn't mind being naked in public. I can't wait to get more risky photos of her. We love your site and it's inspired us for some kinky fun.


y jouent encorea€¦ Elizabeth, The Teacher - I've had so much fun this summer that I thought I should send in a few more revealing pictures before I go back to teach at my work, which by the way, is a place for adults to take courses and finish their high diplomas. I teach English, not sex ed...unfortunately ;)