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bottoms up . Enjoy
NOTE - This Theme is a Fantasy - Last set, dona€™t be sad! If you wrote to me in the last couple of contris, you should be getting an email from me this weekend a€“ be sure to check your inbox (and SPAM folder) for my message. Ia€™m going to send out some goodies and instructions for arranging a gangbang with me. Since we moved to Oh-hi-ho, hubby has only managed to arrange for one stranger to stick me. I have to make him happy, and Ia€™m afraid hea€™ll leave me if we cana€™t find several horny perverts to put me back on the spit-roast, so please, PLEASE help me to save my marriage! (PS a€“ dona€™t tell him, but I secretly like getting fucked like a dog while sucking cock a€“ he thinks I absolutely HATE it!) Okay a€“ write, vote and be nice, and Ia€™ll be back to drain your balls again someday! PERVERT!

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Fresh Brazilian! My husband is an up and coming photographer with his first national publication last year. So I thought I would take the time to model for him and share it here. These were taken at a hotel and at our home. Hope you enjoy. [[wfi]]


Out of the the shower Just down the path there were a bunch of men fishing. I knew we had to get some pics with them. I was very nervous, but Cyric said they didn't even look up at us once. So we took a few with them, a few more by a lamp post and called it quits.