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My wife dated Scott a couple of years before we got married. I had begged Mir to let me watch her take another cock in her mouth. She would get irritated when we were fucking and I would tell her that I wanted her to take other cocks in her hottest mouth. Well one week last year, I had to leave for a week and a half. I came back and we were fucking when I again mention how hot it would be to see another man fucking her mouth. She said "oh yeah" would that be hott baby?? You wanna see someone else in my mouth??" I got so horny talkn to her about it, but didn't think she was serious till she pulled out her phone. I have 2 photos of 2 different times. It is so hott seeing your wife let another man use her

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Just hanging around. Thank you all for the kind comments from our last contri. We looked through our album and here are a few of our favourite pics we have taken over the last couple of years. I think "H" looks good for a 32 year old mother of 2, what do you think??


Pink story Spain: Rosa y Vaini decidieron hacer un streaptease conjunto en el bello Parque del Capricho en Madrid, pero a veces las cosas no salen como uno quiere y de repente todo se llena de gente y la aventura se convierte en un "streaptus interruptus"