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Better1/2: You Can Leave Your Hat On... - Hi Voywebbers, As promised here are some more shots from our great adventure out into the woods. When we left to take pictures that day, we didn't know where we would actually end up, well, as it turned out we decided to climb a mountain at a local state park. I was lucky enough to have worn my sneakers, but Better1/2 was wearing cowboy boots....needless to say after a 6 mile hike into the woods and a mountain climb, Better1/2 was sporting some serious blisters...hence the bare,pink feet in a few of the shots. Although, we both thought that it was well worth it..the scenery was spectacular...and the mountain view wasn't bad either ;) Enjoy!

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xrisa small titted slut Well folks after being very busy for the past few weeks, we were able to sit down together and pick out the pics for our 3rd and final contri from our hotel stay. We hope you enjoy them and be looking for some furniture store pics we took recently. They should post in a few weeks. Take care!