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Beach dance and nipple slip

...feels good...
Hello Again, We hope everyone enjoyed our last set. These next shots were taken several years ago when we were both 23. The first few are of me teasing him of what is to cum. Then I use my finger, um make that fingers, to prepare for something larger. Anal sex feels great butt you have to build it up. Which then leads me to using my favorite toy, "Jake", to loosen me up some more. And finally after I am sufficiently lubed and stretched I let him in. Thisfinalphoto depicts our favorite position for anal: me upside down on my shoulders with my ass leaning against the edge of the bed and legs splayed wide so that he can enter me from above. It takes a bit of coordination but once mastered I think you will findthat it really opens you up and makes for a great time. Click (a href="")here(/a) to check out our website. Thanks,

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just nice 2 This time we decided to venture outdoors to a friend's pool (Thanks J & C for letting me run around your house & pool naked) and take a dip. As you can see I was a little chilly at first, but as the day went on I managed to become quite hot and wet.


at the strand last summer We were just about finished a nice session when I told hubby to grab his phone and let me record him cumming on my belly, he jumped at the chance and I knew that we would be putting it on HC for all of you horny guys, would you like to cum on me :-)