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Dear voy-zone crew, Well, here is my wwife...she willingly posed for most of the shots. She is quite the horny one when she wants to be ie. when drunk! She is 5 months pregnant. We bought the camera today and I am keen as mustard to send them off.I am positive that she will be more than happy to send more if she recieves ssome nice comments, even though she doesn't know these are being sent. Of course my bias opinion makes me say that the photos do her no justice at all! The image of myself is for pure vanity. I hope someone besides me finds this a thrill... I think these are ok for Private Shots

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So ready for the weekend We went out for a day of shopping, the guys in the stockroom of Wal-Mart got a great view, and just about everyone in the mall got to see something. It was a great day for both of us, and probably for quite a few others as well Thanks,


my sexy little bum :p Here is the 4th set for Redclouds. Have received great comments from the others, so keep them cumming. To answer a question that has been asked alot, yes it does taste as good as it looks. You can call this Ring 4. Enjoy, I do.