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What I did last summer
Eve'S A Bad Girl On The Naughty Couch Hi! So today is my birthday! I couldnt ask for a sweeter one than I received today either. It was special and not overdone. My friends (including two girls from the site Logan and Anya) bought me a cake secretly and sung to me. Then I opened my presents and I felt so good that my friends did that for me. It really boosted my downside, and I am just so blessed to have who I have in my life. Thank you guys for letting another year of my life more memorable than before! Now with that said, please enjoy my little gift (or curse if you dont like me) to you all of my nerdy naked butt prancing along your screen!

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Hubby caught me off guard Hi all! I am Alia! I want to show you my shaved pussy and anus. Panties I do not need and take them off. And open my legs. Enjoy me! Like my pussy? It is so sweet and tasty! I wish you could be near touching me all over, but…. I have to take everything in my own hands now… See you soon.


another for the girls Hi to everybody at Red Clouds. I was taking a shower the other day and thought you guys would like to see me wet! My friend Willy was here with his trusty camera and the more photos he took the wetter I got and not just from the shower. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did.