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a hot morning
Hello crew:) Its been a while since WHISPERS posted picture or made some. We have been veery busy lately. We promise we will be updating our webpage soon. Here are some old pics of her some of our first shots. They are mostly close up shots. For all of you that are wanting anal and facial pics, be patient. We are needing a photographer to help us in that department. DESTINY willbe visiting us in JUly so hopefully by then we will have some facial , anal and more GG series. And for all of you out there that think her last GG pics were not real just wait an see the next contri. Any ways thanks to all of you for the great comments, unfortunately we dont have time to respond to most of them. But thank you all . KIsses from Whispers and lots of thanks from NOMEX.. And of course like always THANKS voy-zone:) Oh I almost forgot, I included some vid captures and pictures of DESTINYS and WHISPERS GG night, enjoy!!! WHISPERS has the strapon and DESTINY is on top. You can tell which one is DESTINY (the one with the tattoon on her ass and birthmark) Oh there is one pic also of me joining the fun:) Visit Whispers at Nomex Thanks to RIDER, WAGS, NIKKIXOXO, SG, and JUMPERS, yall are great guys. PS... TO all of you that I promised you a GG mpeg, I havent forgotten.

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Nice to fuck again Better1/2: Butterfly Kisses - Heres a sad story, I absolutely love this outfit and had Better1/2 put it on for me and started taking some shots...well, one thing obviously leads to another and sure enough I ripped the outfit off of her to get up close for a butterfly kiss! The outfit is no more.


Sexy Halloween Verity The Uk Slut - Verity is a cock teaser and pleaser. She is 23 and loves the attention of young guys and dirty old men. If you see her out and about in Cambridge or know her from Bristol Uni why not let us know.