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I can be two-beer date when I haven't eaten much, and it made me popular in a bad way! I know most situations to avoid but I can't resist getting a healthy buzz and making a fool of myself around some friends now and again.LOL. I had half a six pack the other night when a bunch of us were out drinking and I insisted we go out dancing. David told me later when we spoke online that I did quite a lively dance at the bar, and that perhaps i liked the new Outkast single a bit too much! LOL. Its funny cause at the time I was wondering why he was so insistent to get me out of the club! I kinda got mad at him but quickly was flattered that he said I looked really cute and suggested that we take some pics instead. Our friends came back with us and hung out. They had been bugging to see what the image and website thing was all about and they were totally shocked! I taunted them to get in a few, but they're all punkasses!

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Ready to go out My boyfriend wants to share these shots with others, he likes them, thinks I'm hot ... and I love when he enjoys what I'm doing.... First contri ever and shy by nature I'm very curious about your reactions and comments...


a bit of fun HELLO... Please vote for me, I love teasing my nipples!!! I am shy, but love too pose. Please be niceand leave meencouraging comments and maybe I will post more. Help I need more courage! See you all (or meeeee). Thanks VW Guys,Love Your Site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!