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Tribut a una dona naturista

natural hangers
Hello boys and girls out there in naturist land! Thought I'd send some pix of my new bikini. Hope you like. I bought this for the trip we are taking to Hedo II in Jamaica mon. I plan on getting lots of jpg ops there - snorkeling naked, the infamous wet T-shirt, and whatever else we can think of. Thanks for all the excellent comments on my other contris. They are a real ego stroke for me...and if you get a little stroking too, well then everyone is happy ! Look for me in Hedo XOXO please title these in Private Sec. "Kbare Kooling Off" P.S. For those interested about the lake pix (NIP Aug. 1st) it is Lake Travis in Austin, TX.

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For ur entertainment Here's a little taste for what's coming in 03! Everyone was asked before taking the pic and you can see it in the quality of the pics. No blind sided by a flash, just fun people who said yes. Thanks to all of you and enjoy!


It's me again. hi one and all in redcloud land. this is a follow-up to our last contribution.."irish mastrubation" we would like to thank everyone for the comments on the last contri., keep them comming we love to read each and every one. we would love to trade & chat with other couples bye for now....