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Kisses and see you soon
Cleveland! I never thought I would visit Cleveland! From opening day with the Tigers, we cruised to the NBA playoffs. Guess who's jersey I had to buy? Maybe it's a little snug and short on me, thoughts? We stayed with some friends, but I couldn't convince her to join in, damn. The "activities" after the game were much more interesting than basketball. I had to go easy on the furniture...we messed it up a little bit. The men in the house were much happier than the Cavs, when they saw my pics! It was the "fee" I had to pay for their hospitality. I hear there is a Stanley Cup may be my next destination. Go Wings?

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A few more pics of Sarah. These pics are of my girlfriends Shela and Jojo. I hope all you horny guys and gals enjoy my new contri. She's sits down on the couch and takes my nipples in her mouth and sucks gently. They are such a fun couple. Check out my web site if you want to seemore.


Kisses - Anja Hello Kate.We would like to enter both of the pic competitions. We combined them both in our pictures.The last pics of mine that were on your site were called TPLEASE....We would like you to call these T&A! Thanks for letting us share and thanks for all the comments.