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Guys, pls find attached 9 pictures i took of a girl who started stripping and getting-off in front of the crowd at a Fat Boys Slim Concert on the Gold Coast in January this year. The quality isnt great due to the fact that I had to zoom in on the scanner and also due to the light and sub-standard film. Print my return email address ................ if u like, title this whatever u like, as long as it has a catchy title that includes 'teen' somewhere. i know u may be concerned that the girl may be underage but this was an over-18 concert, so she is legal. Please obscure her face etc. She was clearly tripping on ......... of some sort, and she received a guard of honour and round of applause when she left the podium on which she was getting-off. i am entering this cos i want to win cash, i am a university student with no money and i want to buy more photographic equipment. i hope u like the photos. cheers

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Good memories!! This is a mom of 2 at 40'S. Comment and vote to continue... Sas aresei h gynaika mou? H 40ara Sherri me 2 paidia 8elei ta vromika sxolia sas kai thn pshfo sas gia na synexisei... Ftiaxte mas! Filia se olous kai oles!