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Vika still nude riding on public beach

She likes take pics
*Sp Jackielee'S Lavender Nitey -Part 1 - Hi Kate and Crew! I mentioned to our friends on the CBB that I had been hanging out with the camera and tripod. Taking self pics really turns me on! I think of what JLH and I will do later in the evening. I love to tease JLH with little kisses while he looks at the pics......and I always learn something knew about photography from him........of course the hard part of a contri isn't the actual picture taking......its putting the contri up....I'm a great multi-task person but when JLH is teasing me with his tongue.....I find it hard to concentrate......and Ooops! I hit the wrong button and this all disappears......sooo first have sex then post a contri.....hehe! O yes... there is a Part II and an nudistone too. THANK-YOU to all the great guys and gals who left sweet comments on my last contri - JackieLee's Pumpkins. You make me feel sooooo sexy!

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Ex_wife4 - what you think? Hello again! Thanks a lot for your great comments and votes. Although I really excepted a higher ranking I return with new pictures. I know, that you would like to see more ... so here are more pictures Camilla took of me the other day. I changed my outfit and went a little bit further.


ein Moorbad M* Jtexton Strips - Thanks for all the great comments on my plast posts, Washn my car and Playn in my pool, especially from Jim&Olive, Don&Donna, BostonLiz, Trisha, Mona, and NO NAME make me laugh! Thanks Here is just a casual strip.