Nudism Photos

Alison - Strip on Beach & in Pink Bikini

Hello Again,
Hi, We have been voy-zone fans for a long time. Recently we have trading pictures with another Contibuting couple (You Know who you are!), now I feeled inspired! These pictures were taken just after I had my nipples pierced, they make me feel so sexy! My husband had his done a while ago, and every time I see them I can feel myself get wet, and when I first showed these to him he got so hard he almost tore apart the zipper on his jeans....but it didnt take me long to take care of that! Dont bother leaving a message if you are just a pervert wanting to meet me (its not gonna happen!). We already have a couple we are trading with, so just tell me what you think of my body, and what else you would like to see!

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IT`S EXICITING More pictures of orchid enjoying the day at the river. Thank you to the people that left the wonderful comments and to the ones that asked for bush will be disappointed because there is none. Sorry guys. Part 2 of 6


Come here, now. Since everyone seemed to enjoy that last set of Misty so much we decided to put up some of the ones we passed on the first time-- and Misty told me to write that this is really exciting and she really loves the comments!