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Here we are back again...!! Thank you for all your great comments and appreciation for our contris. as usual we get bad comments and we like to explain one or two thing : - About racist insults, they are just the proof that you are half-witted and that you stay at the animal level. - About condom : We ALWAYS use condom for intercourse and anal penetration. - About calling the women in our contris SLUT, Yes they are good Sluts and proud of it so they take that as a compliment.... - About Bluring the face, the women have jobs and family and they don't want to compromise that..!!!! Here is the story of this contri : We get contacted by an English couple living in London after a contri in voy-zone. They came from England just to have her being used by our team... For the first time you will see her face because she request it from us...!!!!! This contri is in 5 part from 25 A to 25 E Have fun and Protect yourselves... .

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Minha gatinha brasileira. Happy holidays everyone.. My parents went away right after we opened our gifts and such, and left me the key to their place to take care of things.. Here is a set that I took at my parents place.. being a sneaky little bitch... :-)


Il ritorno Hey Everyone... Its been a while since I posted..... Heres a set of me wearing my favorite lounge tank top that says "Just do Me" After a long day working, I love to just come home and hang out..... so that's what Im doing in this set... and playing with myself..... Hope you like :) -Bianca