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Juicy Nikki This is my first time here. My bestfriend took these pics one night after we were done studying. What a fun release that was after a hard study session. Ive never been w a girl, especially my b-friend. We didnt really do anything because i was shy and she told me for the first time that she fooled around w a coworker of hers several times. When she took my banging pussy shots she rubbed in between my lips a little to get it wetter that was it. I didnt think too much of it before she told me she was kinda bi. I have to admit its all I can think about now. Her fingers were so soft compared to a mans that im used to. She gripped the sides of my thghs to spread me open more (i was kinda shy) then helped me put my finger in. I just closed my eyes and couldnt believe i was letting a girl touch me like that. Im going in a couple of days to take some more pics and hopefully she will want to take more. Im scared but my pussy tingles, throbs then gets warm and wet thinking of it. Hope you guys enjoy these pics. Its my first time. I like the comments. Any request or ideas for next time w her id love that, help me out PLEASE!!

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