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Many of you already noticed that I have been gaining weight and trying to hide my pregnant belly in some previous posts. Anyway, its true, I'm pregnant - over seven months now. I've decided to show you pics of my body developing over the next two months. But don't worry, I've also stockpiled some non-pregnant pics that I'll be posting during this time as well. I still like to go out and show off my body. A bare pregnant belly is acceptable these days, thank goodness. Actually, I've noticed that men look at me with a big pregnant belly more than they did when I was thin. . .kind of weird. I'm so very happy about being a mommy.

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Just hanging out: :p A potpuorri of the best times. We are back and ready to post a lot of content for you. We conducted a poll on our web site and most of you guys would like to see more facials, one of my specialties... so, let's get started.


sharing naked image I met this one off of a bondage site. After several sessions with her scening. She is a very good little slave. Anyway, turns out that she was married and I dont play with married girls. Thus, she is gone now. As you can tell, I like blue.