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Horny Girlfriend with Strangers at nude beach

Squeeze play...Anyone??
Hey guys and gals it's us again with a few more pics for the Hunt. . .Thanks for all the comments and support from everyone. . . We've had many requests for some pussy shots and cuz we try to keep all the naturist viewers happy we made a point of taking some. . . well we'd taken them the same day as we took the past few contri's just hadn't posted em yet so here they are. . .this contri covers the deli/restaurant (Mr.Sub), Newspaper box, phonebooth, and for the ladies a few of me. . . Tan's been buggin me cuz we post so many of her and none of me so here you go ladies. ..and for all of the questions about the nipple rings. . .Tan loves the way it makes her nipples more sensitive and no they didn't really hurt to get done. . .

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For You Bethany Thank you very much for all the support they give me, that motivates me to continue contributing to this site for you all, I like to see your comments and votes for me, do not forget to write your email so that I can write and send a gift personally. Kisses to you with love. The Queen.


Vist to Hippie Hollow My wife was so overwhelmed by the positive comments last time, she decided to give it another go! Enjoy! Positive comments will bring more pictures. BTW, if you don't like all natural bushes, don't even bother to scroll down!