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1st Time male/ Michigan
Part one went well so I thought I'd submit a second set of photos. I'm no longer bored in New Jersey because, simply put, I have moved to Ohio. As to the question about where my interests lie, let's just say that women are the most innocent creatures on the planet. They're sexy, sensual and intelligent. The more intelligent they are, the sexier they are (I love the shots where a woman wears glasses). This second set of pics is a random bunch of photos, with no theme in mind, and taken both in New Jersey and Ohio. I travel a lot for business so anyone interested in sharing pictures will certain help me pass the time.

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je continue ? Greetings, My name is Ginger and I am a German girl living in Canada. Here is my next contribution to the Redclouds. You can visit to see more of me. These pictures are of me playing with one of my vibrators. I will be posting more pics real soon. Kisses:)


Martina se despelota Hi Guys !!! Here's some pics with our 68 Barracuda !!! As you can see... I love the ''stick shift'' I thaugt I would give the shifter knob a nice shine before I let you ''pull a run'' with me ??