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Very Public beach blowjob

The morning sun ...
Sydney and I have been talking online this week, mostly late at night due to her hectic schedule. She is tripping out on some of the feedback on her pics through the comments here and emails through my website. Yes, she knows her boobs are big, that was the idea. She showed me some pics of her from a few years ago, and she was much smaller before. She is into most anything as far as future pics go, and we've got a few ideas for when we get together this weekend to take some more. Thankfully, she is pretty stoked on the positive comments, and she finally felt comfortable enough for me to send in some of the more explicit shots. She nervous about them at first, because before that first night we hung out in person she wasn't even sure she'd feel bold enough to take pics when we hooked up (yet she was comfortable commiting the idea of having sex just from talking online and the phone, go figure). It was cute, because she admitted to me that she'd never gotten herself in front of anyone before, so I nudged her into taking some shots of that after we'd warmed up to each other. It was definitely hot to watch her, and even though I thought we were worn out from sex earlier, it got us both motivated to give it another go. I really like that once she gets going, Sydney is pretty open to ideas.

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In the Wild This is my girl Amy. We just started taking pics and wanted to know what everybody thought. We are from Wisconsin and would love to trade pics with others from WI. If comments are good there will be some in Redclouds.


Praying for cock III I've been putting so much hard work into my projects lately I needed a little relaxing time in the hot tub. So of course hubby grabbed the camera and he went to work doing what he likes to do (take pics of me naked of course) .