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fucked hard on the beach

Monika43 - Geile Monika
It was a hot afternoon in Arizona. I'd been cleaning this girls parents' pool for years. I have always tried to get my girlfriend to play with herself but she's too shy. I came upon this girl while she was applying some baby oil to her naked skin. I always bring my camera when show up to clean pools. You never know what some women will do for fun. She was there for the summer and her parents never mentioned anything about her. I never really got introduced to her but as you can see she was very friendly. After applying some more oil to her she invited me up for a drink but I had to refuse. I hope her parents or the maid was not there at the time. I love cleaning pools. It has its' benefits. This three of the ten. Please stagger them if possible.

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my ass story.... Hi all, its been a while since we posted so we decided to post some more of me on our last outing. Wewon a night at our local resort and had some fun while we were there. Hope you all enjoy the pics, and dont forget to leave a message.


Shaved in the bush Doing housework really sucks!! The cooking, the cleaning... Especially the dishes, cuz they have to be done EVERY damn day. So why not turn something you dread, into just plain fun?? Here's a set of me having fun!!