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Sucking my hubby
Hi Sailor and the nudistCrew! These are some pix taken with my webcam (sorry for the quality, but hey! it's just a crappy webcam!) documenting an encounter I recently had with E. She is engaged and her boyfriend would kill both of us if he found out... She loves sex in all its forms, sucks cocks in a divine way (you can clearly see that) and since I first had her anally a few months ago, she's become an anal sex addict!! I surely enjoy that! Cummin' in her ass is awesome, and she only allows it to me: in fact her ass is forbidden to her boyfriend... what a lucky guy I am! I have more pix from this session, and will send them if the comments are good. PDPME (I've always wanted to say that! :-))

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no story...... Vamps Halloween Pics 2 - Boooooooo! Last part of halloween pics to be posted. If there are some other freaks out there leave me a comment with your email and i'll send you the rest of this set of pics. By the way lets see some voting out there in freak land. Love you all, Vampvixon


Seance dans l'escalier These are the rest of the pics we took during our afternoon of fun. Sorry there aren'tmore but sometimes youjust have to make choices...and you can see what we choose. Enjoy because we did!! There will be more so stay tuned.