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naomi1 footjob and handjob on a beach

Temptress at her finest
About halfway into town we switched driving. When we got into town we pulled into a parking lot and switched back with Teri driving. These pics are of her driving in town and then pulling into a hotel parking lot to get dressed to go out for the evening. The freeway offramp overlooks this parking lot and we had a steady honking of horns as she got dressed in full view of the people driving by. One of my favorite pics is the last one in this contri. In fact, I will probably make it the first pic of part 3 also!!! As you watch her get dressed in part 2 and part 3, you may wonder if this is all she really wore when we went out. Yes, it is! And for those of you who think we go to a strip club because she works there---No, she is not a stripper, we go to a private club for couples, not a strip club. Even for there, what she wears is pretty daring!!! LOL She loves your comments, reads every one of them! She has also started responding to some! ***Wait til you hear what happened in Part 3!!!

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kisses!!!!!!!!! Hooked up with this hotty at the Christmas party and she took me back to her place and couldn't make it out of the car before things got hot. You know the deal PDPMEM. Love the site, keep up the good work.


May Wifi in Turkey Ces photos sont toutes aussi cochonnes les unes que les autres, j'espere qu'elles vous plairont mesdames car je les ai faite pour vous. Laissez moi des messages pour me dire votre avis et si vous êtes int ress par une petite rencontre je suis a vous