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this is the reality
Here's the story: Bottom line -- all of these naturist girls I met are pretty perfect, but Nina and MsT were my favs. Why --- I don't know but I spoke with them the most. I can talk about physical presence but all of that is obvious to us horndogs. What separates them from your typical naked chick on the internet is that I had the honor of seeing beyond the physical beauty to realize that they were as beautiful inside as they were on the outside. I am also attracted to very smart women and both Nina and MsT fall into that category. Last but not least is that beautiful smile, the bedroom (read F Me eyes).... ---or--- it could be the fact that I was talking to this smok'n hot chick in a public bar, and as I am standing there she pulls off her panties from under her see through skirt and then later pulls off her skirt so that she is standing totally naked in a public bar. She then proceeds to rip off the clothes of all of the rest of the naturist girls... yea.... that's it!....

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54 year old wife hi all....i have loved wearing womens clothes since i can remember. i used to sneak into my moms dresser and try on her lacy panties when i was a kid. here is one of my first times dressed up with full makeup. hope you enjoy


Being shy.... after some talking in to i got my friend JJ to take of some clothes for pic's she is very very shy so with some nice comments and maybe even some votes i know i can talk her into showing more and maybe even her face