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Mon ex femme
I finally got to take some much needed time to chill out this week after spending last dealing with all the drama surrounding my taxes. How can it be such a pain when you don't make any money to begin wtih? I also had to deal with a few friends that conned me into being the sober one on their 420 celebration and that seriously had me stressed to deal with their high antix. The good thing about it at least is that I got to spend a lot of time alone in the room we reserved to party in and I made everyone chip in and get me a day at the spa. David showed up after I'd had my first real massage ever, which was much better than any I'd had before when a guy would say 'let me give you a massage' and then he'd squeeze my shoulders for two seconds before trying to get on me. Why do guys think that is a smooth move? Looking at these I can see how good an effect it had, I don't normally look quite as chill, though some I do find it funny when some feedback and emails through our website say I look drunk off my ass at times! As I always like to say: Don't hate, participate! LOL. Anyhow I was crazy relaxin and wanted to get some photos to capture the moment. But yes the shirt I'm wearing does have a number on it, so deal HAHAHA.

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My ex-gfA?s ass. Enjoy. Well its been a while, but we have taken alot of pictures.. If she gets good responses she will keep posting, so you know what to do, Tell her what you thing of her picyures and what you would like to see.. THANKS. Dan


I hope u like this 2 ??? I used to post quit a bit at this site and always got such nice comments!! Somehow I picked up a mean old stalker who saw my pics, but I think Hubby and I have seen the last of him so I thought I would post and see if anyone remembers me! Can you guess my name?? Can't wait to see if anyone remembers!!