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Beautiful chick suck and fuck on the beach

Jane 4 - jane relaxing
Hello all...well here is part two to this series still having trouble getting the photos just the way I like them...Sigh.....but here's the scoop we were at a bar the other night when ranger said she could see herself licking out another girl...then she couldn't stop staring at this waitress' breasts....well I got hard right away. I told the girl and she said thanks...but that's as far as it went, married and all.....but it looks like we are getting closer to everyman's dream of a threesome..I even told her I'd have no problem with her and another guy, as long as I'm there, still might be a year or so but...we'll keep you posted, anyway on with the photo's

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Misty sunbathing I bought myself some new lingerie to celebrate my slimmer body. I had some some sexy photos taken and wanted to share them with my Redclouds viewers and my husband John ofcourse. Enjoy... P.S Thanks to everyone for their previuos nice comments


yours dessert-fox Admire my hot body: a plump, yet very seductive mother who loves cocks. Having three occasional young lovers on a fortnight's holiday is no record at all. Yet, being in my Forties and a mother of three, I'm very proud of it! Shouldn't I?