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Kellys Beach Bukkake - brighteyes69r

in front of theatre
We are submitting this contri hoping to win the Hedo3 trip. If we do win, due to your votes, we promise to take TONS of pic's at Hedo3 and will post them here. This is the story behind the submission. My wife Sav came home from work one day and told me a guy from out of town, that was at one of her meetings, was hitting on her bigtime. She needed to call him about company stuff the following week, and with my green light they made arrangements for us three to have dinner and drinks. We all hit it off and the chemistry was right between them so we wnet ahead with a MFM. To our suprise, he brought Sav a gift, the red set she is trying on in the first and second pic's. the rest is self explanitory. Can you feel the heat comming off the pic's? please vote!

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Bye, Shanda Angel Trying To Cover Up - Angel felt thedesire to pose in public wearing only half an outfit and it eventually led to her trying to cover up. That tends to be an issue when cars start coming and neighbors go out to get their mail.


Some more pics of the ex Hi to you! We are back! This night my beautiful wife showed me her new nylons. It made me very horny and we had great sex. As you can see. She would love to see your comments, so keep them cummin! Greetings from germany.