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chubby mom spied on the beach

just plain fun
Hello, good people. My friend Bobbi who posts all the time at Voyeur Web keeps telling us what a fun place naturist can be, so I decided to try my luck with some latex photos. I'm not sure if your folks will get into latex, so this is kind of a gamble on my part. Let's see, I call myself Fuzzy Bunny, and I will be 41 on September 28. I am single, and I live in Boston. I love love love latex, and I hope to get into latex in a big big way one of these days by creating my own site. Here are some recent photos my friend Wink took of me in latex. I hope you enjoy them! Please let me know if they make the cut so I can send my friends to the page. Cheers,

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looking for excitement It's me with shorter hair and no spot. I hope you will still enjoy these as this is my second contri post spot removal. I doned my suspender belt and fishnets for you all to enjoy. Hope to have some more nice comments and I have smiled in this contri as requested by a few. Look forward to your comments.


Waterfall flash! ;) Hi to all the team of VW, great work guys! I took these pics with my new (and first one) JVC digital camera. A little info for me: I am a 30y (1,95cm and 97 kilos) Greek currently living n Italy. All comments are welcome. Thanks in advance!!