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ramming Mat again
Claire: The Sexy Secretary - Well have a look at these pictures of me, they are all based on real-life situations. I am a secretary and I take great delight in always wearing short skirts, stockings, suspenders and, if I?m in the mood, see-through panties. I never use a ?modesty board? on my desk (if you don?t know what that is, it?s a board that covers the lower front part of the desk, so that people sitting in front of you can?t see up your skirt!). Well, sod that! I like men to look up my skirt! As for the pictures showing me playing with myself, well, that has actually happened! My previous boss took me to lunch one day and we both got very much in the mood, particularly as his hand was up my skirt throughout the whole meal. But, we had to get back to the office because he had a Board Meeting. So, still being in the mood, I unbuttoned my top then lifted my skirt up to my waist and my hand then knew it?s way into my panties. Eventually my boss returned, but I?m afraid he was too late! Well, let?s put it like this, I made him wait for half an hour! He?s not my boss anymore by the way, he got the sack for putting an intimate part of his body into the photo-copier! As for the photo-copier, she got the sack as well!!!! My new boss is quite dishy, I?ve already given him a glimpse of my stocking tops and my cleavage, but I?m playing it slowly. Next time he comes in I plan to be adjusting my suspender and I shall pretend to be embarrassed! Some chance! Join my site and enjoy these and many more pictures!!

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took a self-shot for you Hey guys....after lurking around here for some time I thought it's my turn now. The girl's a friend of me and she loves to pose. Not shy at all....Good comments means more photo's..... Greetings from rainy Europe


take my ass Redbunny.... ht 5'10 .... wt 122 .... position/multiple This is my try-out movie. I am a hard -worker and love the contact. I am a go deep threat and love to long snap!! The full tryout avi with every.."drill"...will be on Homeclips!