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Hi Kate, Jerry, Sailor, Asher and crew! Hope everyone is well and enjoying warm weather while it lasts. Fall? Already? ;)~ Friends of mine opened a swim suit company and one night while looking through their stuff I came across this little sling-shot thong. This thing was tiny! I would have never tried it on if it weren't for everyone egging me on. Well I liked it, a lot! So I brought it home and we did some real quick pictures. They turned out good and I had fun twirling in front of the window so the light would be right. The only problem with the thong is where can you wear it? Well, I came up with a place! We went to the River for a weekend with a group of other sexy naturist people. Well the 'Sandbar' we were hanging out on is in Arizona. They are very strict about nudity and there are police and Coast Guard everywhere. One of the boats close by was selling pasties and three of us went and bought some. I decided to wear them with the thong and see how far I could push the rules. Hey, I'm wearing a swimsuit, and my nipples are covered! We took tons of pics on our trip. Stop by my site to check them out! I hope you enjoy. Love ya, Nikki ;)~

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An Artistic Perspective. Dani Ass Mirror - It's so cute, we get to see it twice. I thnk her ass is very much like her personality...bubbly! Anybody else want to spank it?? Get in line boys, I'm first! Hope you like the puffy nip close-ups at the end too!


christmas present Hi all, first time contri. Guadalajara local girl giving me a very nice show. Que onda compitas de Guadalajara si alguien tiene fotos de chicas de por aca compartanlas, que vean los gringos que las mejores viejas estan por aca.