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naomi1 blowjob and cum on a public beach

Old Picture of my GF
Here comes one of the most successful and surely my favorite pictures! Young couple has sex on the sand. The story is I was at about 1-1,5 kms. far from them taking the pics. of other naked couples when I saw them. Despite the distance I could see them making love and hurried towards to watch more. It is hard to put into words how difficult it was to run through the mountains climbing up and going down the hills but the prize was priceless and worthy any efforts. I was there in time as they just finished resting from the first intercourse and was about to start the second part. Should note there were other naked people at about 50 meters from our beloved couple but who cared????!!! Some other couple being inspired with the example started foreplaying…. Sorry I talk too much, you will see it next time and now see our heroes and pay special attention to the pic where they are engaged in doggystyle fuck and do not see the people passing them by… I adore this photo!

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My wife's big boobs #2 This is my second contri with my new camera. I think these pics came out pretty good! I posted another contri to Redclouds, my first one there. It's pretty explicit, but I love doing it. I hope you like these because I like being here! Jacee


One day with amateur model Took a limo out to a comedy club in Hollywood with another couple. Of course I had a camera and Anne let me take some shots. These are the PG13 rated. You should see the one with us guys and the girls that would make RedClouds blush! But I don't have a RedClouds account. Maybe soon...