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Just Ask Amber I honestly didn't think that here I would be in the last week of March, and the first real time that I've been out since I quit stripping was last night. Just horrible. Horrible I tell you!! So what, some of you were right. Yes, I used to be a stripper, but that was only for one month. I couldn't take it anymore. I missed my friends. I missed finding out about everything that is going on in their lives. More than anything I miss my "me" time where I could spend a little time taking care of my own wants. Raise your hand if you would like a couple more hours added to the day! Hey, say what you want, this website stuff beats any other gig I've ever had.

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opps i forgot the boobs My name is Sarah and these are my first naked photos online. Voyeurweb has been on my mind for years, I finally got courage up to pose! I have always wanted to live on farm- these photos were to allow me to do little role playing! Nothing wrong with little role playing, right??? :D


the Alabama Slammer While in the middle of taking some pictures, Scout offered to do our dishes. I of course had no problem with this, but I asked that instead of just doing the dishes, could she do the dishes and show me her asshole at the same time. She said sure. Woo!