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Anyone to play with?
Highlights of my day: Discovered a bag of chocolate on my desk from my boss. How rad is that? Sang along to old Misfits songs. (I listen to them a lot, but I rarely sing along anymore) I posted new pics of myself here, and I'm worried that these are not very good. Is that a highlight? Oh well. My fucking face makes me sick sometimes. *sniff* I'm a self depricating drunk. But that 's not a highlight either. Maybe I should stop. Maybe I'll start a bad list: I got drunk on a worknight...again...I'm an asshole Ok thats no fun at all. Let's start a good list again: I have extending an olive branch to someone I haven't spoken to in years. Maybe I shouldn't post these things when I'm drunk. Maybe I should stop drinking...

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Hi From Israe This was a variety type program. No focus! We started off with the wedding dress, then we wanted to show off our new SUV, then he wanted to just jam random stuff into my cunt, and finally he wanted to cum on my ass... so I said, let's do it ALL! Do me a favor and delete all shitty comments...


Showering milf I was right about this being fun. Thanks to all who commented. I shot these after reading through my encouraging fan-mail. They're a little more 'artsy' than the last set but hopefully, you'll find looking at them as exciting as I did shooting them.