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Candid Beach Bikini Butt Ass West Michigan Booty Teen

Taken just now for you xx
I wanted to ask your opinion. There are some parts in vids yet to be posted where the camera is a LOT shaky because my hubby is holding the camera while fucking me. Should I edit these posts down to cut that stuff and the random talking out or would you prefer to see the majority of what I have? I also apologize if the quality is lacking, we were able to get a lot of action on camera this night, so I had to compress the file size due to posting limits. It was either that or throw up a bunch of 2 minute clips. And there is music playing! Please, this is how we party, if music bothers you, you may want to pass on my swinging vids.

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Morning boobs Dez...Don'T Rock The Boat - Just another steamy hot summer day in Wisconsin. Nothing better than a fast boat ride to cool things off. While snapping some shots we didn't see a fishing boat next to us....well, needless to say, some guys got a bit of an eye-full. Hope you all enjoy! Tim & Dez


Love all your comments Hope this gets better reviews as the first one didn't get many postive comments. That is OK I read them all and tryed to make this posting better. What do you think should I post again. (The first time many thought it should be my first and last Posting)