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Ana Mancini Sexy bikini on the beach

it. sorry for my english
This horny, long-legged dutch babe took a while to get naked. But when she got over her shyness and slipped her bikini bottoms off, I was in position, camcorder primed, to get it all. Eventually, as the sun moved round, she moved out of her stone sheleter and spread out on the sands. Not one to let an opportunity for some daring voyeurism pass by, I executed a 'walk-by', that is, a blatant bit of voyeurism, standing up in plain sight. But it was the only way to get her slinky form for your delectation. The danger buzz is invkateating. Hope all you real voyeurs enjoy the pics (all TEN submitted should be ok for posting) from her debut. Thanks for your votes and comments last month, pleasure to read them. To those moralists wishing I was dead - clutch your crucifixes tighter; the Sandfly Lives.

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Hope you like these! David is my love. He is the most fantastic and giving lover always thinking of my needs first. He's very open minded and adventurous. We always have amazing sex and he brings me to orgasm multiple times. He makes me feel like a woman and very alive.


50 year old wife We spent the day at Blacks Sand in San Diego. The sun was great, the water was warm, and the scenery made for some great naked pics. We have the hardcore pics at redclouds. Thanks for all comments and votes. photographer: Michael