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Hi all... my g/f now has lost a bet... she said she'd let me fuck every woman that contacts me, if I got guts to post these on RC.. so females out there, if there's any of you that would like to ride what she sees here, please leave a message and your email address!! I'm 30 from Italy, but I travel a lot around the world so there could be a possibility that I come next to your place really soon! and if you're close enough.. maybe my g/f can join us... For all the nudistcrew, well.. what to say... I think what they do is better than every word anyone can say! PS hehe.. you thought I forgot? nooope.. PDPMEA (Please Do Post My Erect Attribute)

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warm thoughts to all So, we were on a holiday in the Dutch province of Limburg.... and again we shot some pics. These pictures are also about 1 year old, and belong to our second set of pictures. Hope these do not require blurring the private parts. Enjoy!


end of a long hot chat... As we said in last contri heres Mary with man juice in her mouth, she is not that keen so I got lucky. We are off on holiday to Luxor in Egypt and will [men with AK 47 permitting] bring back lots of bonking pics,some anal if Mary gets totally relaxed, by for now xx