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Mom and dad have sex at the beach

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hi gang hope all is well at the greatest site on the web. well not much of a story but here goes. on a business trip to new orleans i knew being a loyal nudister and redclouder i had to go to bourbon street to check for any woman who may have not appeared on naturist yet. well i found some for the viewers. some r cute and others well u be the judge but alas they all bared their breasts. and of course this should qualify for the drunk contest so in that case please vote so kate can make me rich. p.s. my next trip takes me to fla. and if any of the naturist ladies in fla need photographed especially lindsey i be happy to use my pic abilities to their fullest.

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hop thise will be better My name is Polina, I am originally from Russia. I moved to the USA to go to school, and for extra money to help with school I decided to start a website. This is my first time posting here and would like your thoughts on what you see. Thanks Everyone :-)


hand me a towel, now Who do you guys think is the sexiest me or Samantha? Tell me what I need to do to win on here. I want to do whatever it takes. Your wish is my command. Please leave me a comment and vote, I will respond to all thanks Kathy