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Hi guys. I’m back after quite a while. Just returned from great vacation with boyfriend at the Greek island of Rhodes. This is where the pics are from, hope you like them. I experienced a lot on that trip, one of the best nights was when we went out to a nigtclub with some of my boyfriends friends. I got pretty drunk and the guys took advantage of that. They had their hands all over my small boobs all night, I ended up back at one of his friends hotel room, where he fucked me so hard. Boyfriend loved to hear the details. About how I let his friend fuck me in all positions, and also in the ass (naughty girl), and then let him cum in my mouth. It was one hell of a vacation where I got to live out almost all my fantasies. I also tried a Gang Bang with three guys, that was really wild. I will be posting those pics soon at voy-zone. Now some of the best things was the way they commented my small boobs, I just get so horny when guys talk dirty about my tiny boobs, I just loved the way guys looked at my small boobs on the playa. Please leave a comment about my boobs and I promise to write you back. Love and Happy Holidays,

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No story, just pics :) I can't wait for Christmas, look at all my presents. Thanks for the nice comments, I love reading them. I can not afford to lose my job so I have to cover my face. Please don't view my pics if you have to have face.


Laury showing lingerie Its Abelle's 2nd contri, she was so overwhelmed with the response from her first try that she decided to post the rest of the contri and deliver as promised. She has taken the advice from all of your well recieved comments and has "shown more flesh". Thank you all for your continued support and enjoy!!