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Hi Kate, Jerry, Asher, Sailor and Crew! And greetings all you voy-zonebers! I always have a little trouble coming up with new ideas for pictures so I stole one from the bulletin boards this time. While browsing threads I came across one that asked, "Why does everyone think college girls wear catholic schoolgirl outfits?" Well that was a great question, so I decided to prove that not everyone thinks that way. So back to my college days I went. This is the type of thing I would wear to school. There is a true story behind this contri. One semester in college I took a Human Sexuality class. It was one of the most enjoyable courses of my entire schedule. Where else do you get to sit around with a bunch of early 20ish people and talk about sex? It was great and I usually came home all hot and bothered. As our final project for the semester we had to give an oral report about a subject of our choice. So what was my report on? How to alter the taste of your guy's cum.... Hehehe!! (See, I was bad back then too.) Want to try the recipe? Hell, at worst you'll get a blowjob right? LOL! Try this: SEX SHAKE 2 tsp. Honey 1 cup milk 1/4 tsp. ground cinnamon 1/4 tsp. ground ginger 1/4 tsp. ground nutmeg 1/4 tsp ground cloves 1 raw egg Blend and drink 1 hour before sex. If you enjoy this story and pictures set I have lots more, including all of my previous contris, outtakes from many of the sets, a hardcore section, and even videos, at my ProAdult site: Love,

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A nice suny day on byke! *Gg Girlfriend And I Have Fun With A New Friend - My girlfriend Laurel (the one with the huge tits) had been chatting with this girl online. We finally all met. What do you all think? There are more where this came from.


some shots after painting I met her again two days after, and I managed to get a little bit closer. It was damn hard to shoot on a very, very crowded plage. I had to change position at some point because every male on that strand was trying to sit as close to her towel as possible...Who could blame them?