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I have always asked my wife to keep her pussy shaved clean, however kids and everything else left her less and less time to spend in the shower! After a couple of years of shaving and not shaving, we saw an add for Laser Hair Removal, she went and am I happy! And she went totally bald! Sex is great and there is no stubble. The downfall is the length of time it takes to go through the process. She started in April of 2004 and will finish up in March of 2005. She started seeing the most results lately. The hair is not growing out now and we only see some hair around her clit and Ass. They are however working on that too! I highly recommend it!

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For Your Pleasure A couple of 50+ers. C - shy and doesn't think she looks good. BC perpetually horny and wants to prove to her that she is desireable and that I'm not the only pervert that thinks sex should be more than a bi-monthly obligation. Help me out here guys (and gals).


Another set. Hi redcloud fans! This time I am back with some random pics. Hope you like them & send comments & votes too. Hubby & I love to trade pic with sexy couples. If you are interested please send some sample pics. if we like em we will start to trade.