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Cream Time at Beach, Alcudia Bay, Mallorca

Garden shower time
**Kate - Observing Lara - A number of us recently received challenges from Kate for specific contri themes. Kate wrote the following for me: "Here is Lara's challenge..lets call it "Observing Lara" or maybe in this case its a kind of "Lara observing herself". I am thinking about a variety of shots, where we see just see some parts of Lara. For example we see her in the bathroom from across a different room...or for example we see just the small part of her back as she disappears (naked) into the sleeping room. I think you get the idea...and I hope its fun to do "Self-Action-Shots". Its not going to be easy though..." Thanks for the challenge, Kate... I hope my interpretation matches what you had in mind! And I hope all of you viewers enjoy Kate's idea too. :) Hugs,

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In the hot desert of utah My girl got a great response from the last set we sent in. So heres another. She loves to put those panties inside of her. They get so wet. Then she licks them clean. Please send comments if you are interested in her panties. Thanks


Sorry good coment!!!!! Kate,been visiting the site for a year now, and i love it. just got my new digital cam. Here are some self pics for the females. looking forward to getting some real hardcore voyeur material soon. comments wanted, I tried to get good lighting for these pics. post my address ............ thanks.