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I had fun!
Nikki wanted to get a Brazilian Bikini Wax. So, she tries to do it her self. It was messy and she couldn't take the pain, lol! She shaved smooth instead. Then we headed out to an adult toy store. On the way we stopped for gas and she pumped it while a tow truck driver watched her bend over and realized she had no panties! Once we were at the adult toy store, I hid my cam under my jacket. Different men passed by checking out her ass! A couple of them tried to take cell phone pics. Everywhere she shopped she would bend over to the lowest shelf to look, and they could see Nikki had on no panties! I pretend that I wasn't paying attention as they looked up my wife's skirt! lol! We got home and she finally gives us a taste of some of those moves while wearing her sheer pantyhose in the sun! Hope you enjoy.

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It is my summer pics... Hello everyone.We wanted to find someplace warmer.So,we headed south.We ended up at Jekyll Island.It was so nice there, we stayed the rest of the week.Here's some pics of one of my wicked weasels. It was getting Hot.I started taking all my clothes off .I hope you like these. More to come. :) Purple Patty


Hope you like my titties Be free, be naked. That was the story of the morning. Walking naked at home, the temptation was great to show my body in front of the window. It is not the first time, but the pleasure is still there. Enjoy! PS: if you don't want to see a male contribution, don't look at this.