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It's me again, the plumper. It's crazy with this set of pics. I love to chat on the computer, I mostly chat on Yahoo clubs. I'm a chat junkie...I guess that explains the weight problem, to many computer munchies....hehehe I met this girl on the web, and she lived in my area, so she came over one night, I got her but ass wasted, and I took advantage of her. I had to get her drunk, when she showed up at my door, she was surprised to see how big I was,(I only show a distorted view from my webcam, so it hides my fat), so I felt her disappointment in the air. The only thing to do in a situation like that, is to break out the alcohol. We drank some, but I did the ole, water for me , vodka for her......tehse pics tell alittle of the story. Make sure you keep an eye out so you can catch the next set...

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More will follow... My wife is 50yrs soon. I encouraged her to have some Chrissy sex out in the back-yard, so I could take some photo's, any excuse to have her naked. Vixen donned her elf hat and spread 'em wide. I'm not much of a photographer, here take a peek.


Luscious ass Hello...some of you might remember me from a couple of years ago...I hope to contribute much more this year. I am sending you a few pics of a day of winter that I remember very well, I had a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy, I'm opened for comments and suggestions. Kisses Top Quality XXX